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Welcome to When the Dead Rise
August 10, 2014

A note from the author

Dear Readers,

Firstly, I'd like to thank all my loyal readers for your support. It's been hard to come to this decision, but I've decided to end the monthly releases for the foreseeable future. With a baby on the way, my priorities have temporarily shifted as I prepare for our new arrival, and while I still have eight more stories planned, it is not fair to you for me to continue to promise monthly releases that I cannot produce on time due to my schedule. Over the next several months, I will continue to write new WTDR material, but I can't be held accountable to a specific release date for the time being. It's not fair to you.

What about Volume 17? It's been a struggle to write. I'm not happy with the way it's turning out and so I am not going to release it as of now. I'm sorry if this disappoints you even further, as I promised the release; but I cannot release something I am not satisfied with just to get something out there.

You can follow me on Facebook to stay updated on news regarding the series.

Thank you for understanding.

C.M. Fick

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