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Book 1: Survival

Welcome to When the Dead Rise
June 30, 2014

Sneak Peek: Survival

A note from the author

Dear Readers,

This month, I've decided to post something different for my readers. Yes, it is still about zombies. Yes, it's still set in the WTDR universe. ‎Why is this month's release different? It's a sneak peek to the first When the Dead Rise novel - currently titled Survival - and not an individual volume. 

With the zombie plague already having spread throughout the USA and into Canada, this story begins with a group of people who've joined together to try to outlast the initial spread of infection. Unfortunately, one member of their group hasn't yet made it to the range, and is now stuck in their home on the other side of Huntsville. The fledgling survivors must venture out into the chaotic city to help their friend to safety. 

Next month, I'll return to releasing the volumes as scheduled with Vol 17: The Big Apple. Hope you enjoy! 

C.M. Fick

The next story...

The next installment of When the Dead Rise Vol 17: The Big Apple will be released July 31, 2014. A blurb for the story is currently unavailable.

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